Liberate the world from undetectable digital threats

VMRay raises the bar - where current Threat Detection tools fall short

VMRay logoThe VMRay Platform is built upon the ground-breaking sandbox developed by the pioneers of advanced threat detection. Since then, we keep creating new cutting-edge technologies that enable immediate detection of unknown threats.

Surmounting the persistent shortcomings of traditional security tools, VMRay delivers rapid detection results and in-depth analysis reports without compromising performance or security.

VMRay flexibly integrates with other systems, automating the submission of files and URLs for analysis. Precise, actionable results are returned that drive block/allow decisions and other security measures across the enterprise.

Improved SOC productivity - Trustworthy automation - Faster Incident Response

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Why VMRay ?

WE DID THE HARDEST THING FIRST - Threat Detection and Analysis is in our DNA

VMRay was founded with the goal of defeating malware’s most daunting trait: its ability to detect and evade traditional monitoring methods, which leave telltale signs of their presence in the analysis environment.

And that’s exactly what we did to help customers with Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis Taking a radically different approach, VMRay placed the monitoring system in the hypervisor layer, so it monitors malware activity entirely from outside the target machine.

This makes VMRay virtually undetectable: an enduring super-power that distinguishes our solution from all others. As the threat landscape moved towards email, we also developed our own phishing detection and analysis technology.


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