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Windows 7 reaches its end of life on January 14, 2020. Microsoft will stop releasing updates and patches for the operating system. Cost of support after this date is expected to start at $25 per device and double in price each subsequent year. 

Flexera’s AdminStudio finds and resolves 95% of Windows 10 migration compatibility issues.

AdminStudio helps you understand which applications will require attention based on your current and future application portfolio and for deployments such as migrating to Windows 10. 

With Flexera’s AdminStudio, you can:

  • Quickly make informed decisions on the migration timescale and cost based on actionable data 

  • Load applications to receive a quick “traffic light” report of an application estate’s compatibility

  • Test EXE installers for OS compatibility

  • Ensure web applications are compatible for being hosted on Windows server and Azure platforms

  • Save months of effort compared to manual testing

AdminStudio is available in 3 editions

Available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions, AdminStudio SCCM packaging software automates application preparation to fix and package enterprise applications for leading software deployment tools.

AdminStudio Flexera 3Enterprise

For IT organizations seeking an advanced application packaging solution available to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable software deployment.

AdminStudio Flexera 4Professional

Filled with automated tools that make virtual application, compatibility testing for Windows, MAC, Android, and MSI packaging, easy, allowing administrators to prepare                reliable, tested MSIs for conflict-free deployment to any Windows OS.

AdminStudio Flexera 5Standard

Provides a cost-effective way for virtual application and MSI software package creators to migrate applications to Windows Installer and gives control over MSI packaging, customization and distribution activities.

Key Features
Virtualization & Simplifying virtualization management.

AdminStudio Virtualization delivers a fully automated virtualization conversion process that’s up to nine times faster than current tools. It converts MSIs and legacy installers leveraging virtual machines. Tests for compatibility for smooth deployment. And supports Microsoft App-V 5.X. It’ll be an automatic winner for you.

Application Compatibility

Find and fix compatibility issues with AdminStudio Application Compatibility.

Mobile Application Management

Mobility helps your business compete. Flexera’s Mobile Application Management helps your business win. Using the same simple process, you’ll quickly scan your mobile applications to understand app behavior and configuration and identify security risks. Generate readiness reports and app portfolio statuses. It’s like being lead mechanic on the mobility pit crew.

Mac Application Management

With Mac Application Management as part of your application readiness process, you take the hassle out of configuring, testing and preparing Mac applications for deployment. You’ll keep Mac fans happy and satisfied, with applications that perform as expected.

App Risk Module

Applications are under attack. Ninety percent of cyberattacks target app vulnerabilities. Now you can fend off most app attacks with preemptive actions. App Risk Module for AdminStudio keeps you aware of application vulnerabilities from packaging to deployment—so you can strengthen them and keep the bad guys out.

Taming Java

There are more than 300 versions of Java. But there’s only one you. AdminStudio ferrets out the Java dependencies in your application portfolio, no matter how many. It helps you reduce risks and costs because you’re focusing QA efforts where they’re needed. It also reports end-of-life info for Java dependencies. Simplifying your life—it’s what we do.

PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

Consistent app packaging and deployment is here. PowerShell dramatically improves productivity by optimizing the consistency of branding and wrapping MSIs/EXEs. Packaging and deploying applications just got easier. And a whole lot faster.



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