Enterprise Software Packaging - RayPack Studio

RayPack Studio includes powerful software solutions with a large number of features that automate and accelerate holistic packaging projects.

RayPack Studio provides a set of software products and components for professional enterprise software packaging. Next to software packaging and virtualization, RayPack Studio considers all packaging-related tasks: conflict and compatibility checks of software applications and packages, software evaluation, and quality assurance. The perfectly matched software products allow to efficiently pass through the individual phases of a packaging process. At the same time, they enormously accelerate your workflow.

RayPack Studio Editions

Edition Components
Standard Edition

RayPack Studio incl. RayEval

Professional Edition

RayPack Studio incl. PackWrapper, RayEval, RayQC

Enterprise Edition

RayPack Studio, PackWrapper, PackBench, PackBot, PackManager for App-V, Virtualization, RayEval, RayQC

Complete Edition

RayPack Studio, PackWrapper, PackBench, PackBot, PackManager for App-V, Virtualization, RayEval, RayQC, RayQC Advanced


RayPack Studio - Software Packaging and Virtualization

 RayPack 2017 screenshot

RayPack 2017 screenshot 2

  • Reliable detection based on snapshots before and after installation of applications
  • Creation of project files in various available formats for later editing (.msi, .mst,.msp)
  • Creation of virtual packages (App-V, ThinApp, XenApp & SWV)
  • Support of third-party projects and universal apps (APPX)
  • Creation of non-Windows projects (macOS)
  • Editing function for packaging projects allows clean and efficient editing of packages
  • Converting and repackaging applications for Windows 10 APPX/UWP format
  • Integration in RayFlow enables opening of MSI, RPP and MST files out of RayFlow as well as saving the work results
  • PackBench: Easy management of standardized packaging routines
  • App-V Manager: Easy management of virtual software packages
  • Integration Package Store: Direct access to all software packages from the Package Store
  • PackBot: Automated and controlled repackaging and virtualization of software packages in mass processing on virtual machines
  • PackWrapper: Easily generate PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit wrappers
  • Virtual Package Factory: Easy access with support for VMware ESX, VMware Workstation and Hyper-V enables to work in a virtual environment

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RayEval - Software Intake/Evaluation

 RayEval Evaluation
  • Easy and automated tool for generating professional evaluation documentations and descriptions of individual installation steps
  • Easy export of the evaluation project into the preferred format (e. g. Office Word, PDF)
  • Overview of all relevant packaging information, such as required license key or required hardware and infrastructure as well as documentation
  • Integration in RayFlow enables direct export for further usage during packaging and QC
  • Virtual Evaluation: Easy access with support for VMware ESX, VMware Workstation and Hyper-V enables software evaluation in a virtual environment

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RayQC - Quality Assurance

 RayQC dashboard

RayQC Checklist screenshot

  • Rule-based tool for creating and executing package test criteria in simple checklists
  • Creation of own test criteria for each individual quality control phase in the software packaging cycle, also by using plug-ins
  • Automated part of test routines (‚Runbook‘) to test own or Raynet developed test scripts
  • Integration in RayFlow enables upload of reports and export of checklists to RayFlow
  • Virtual Quality Assurance: Easy access through support for VMware ESX, VMware Workstation and Hyper-V provides quality assurance of software packages in a virtual environment

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RayQC Advanced - Application Readiness

 RQC Advanced dashboard

RayQCAdvanced Report screenshot

  • Readiness check of the application software with regards to various application environments, such as operating systems or system snapshots („Golden Image”)
  • Analysis of the software for general suitability for virtualization and combination with each other (also media such as merge modules can be used for comparison)
  • Check of browser compatibility for web applications
  • Optimal communication of results through extensive reports with detailed information per checkpoint
  • Automatic troubleshooting for a variety of compatibility issues
  • Integration in RayFlow enablesenables direct export of applications and packages to the RayQC ad library

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RayPack Studio can be optionally combined with: RayFlow - Workflow for Application Lifecycle Management

 RayFlow dashboard

Rayflow tracking screenshot

The integration of all products into RayFlow, the clearly arranged workflow management solution, enables an extremely comfortable exchange of data and information.

  • Web-based workflow tool with a unique platform to support ALM processes
  • Real-time information and progress monitoring of all tasks through the entire Application Lifecycle Management
  • Flexible e-mail notification on working status changes and visual alarm elements
  • Powerful tracking system for SLA management with various control options and detailed reports
  • Web-based and client-based availability per user
  • Integration of all RayPack Studio products: RayEval, RayQC and RayQC advanced to manage the Application Lifecycle

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 Pricing information here: please be sure to consult PDS to hear which edition fits your requirements.


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