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InstallAnywhere makes it easy for developers to create professional installation software for any platform in physical and virtual environments as well as container deployments. Increase your deployment options and simplify installations by automatically creating both Docker images and traditional multiplatform installers from a single InstallAnywhere project.

As open source software takes up a larger share of your component list, InstallAnywhere helps you mitigate the risks of OSS code with a quick scan of your project.

With InstallAnywhere, you’ll adapt to industry changes quickly, get to market faster and deliver an engaging customer experience. And know the vulnerability of your project’s OSS components before you ship.

The result? Productivity: up. Extra scripting/coding/rework: way down.

Reduce software development time

  • Build an installation project in minutes with the Project Wizard and Advanced Designer – no coding needed
  • Install software on multiple platforms and in both physical and virtual environments using one project file
  • Create installers of your most complex applications with advanced customization and configuration options and accessibility support

Impress end users with customized installations

  • Create installers that match your company and product branding using custom graphics, animation, and transparent images
  • Automatically localize installing text in 31 different languages
  • Give multiplatform installations the platform-specific functionality they need using extensive set of standard actions and custom code APIs

Simplify virtualization and cloud-based deployments

  • Easily create cloud-ready images, Docker images and enterprise-ready virtual appliances that require no technical expertise by you or your customers to install
  • Build Multi-Tier Virtual Appliances–Simplify evaluations and production deployments of multi-tier applications
  • Streamline Virtual Appliance Builds—Build faster and easier by creating virtual appliances directly from existing virtual machines
  • Enter new markets previously out of reach due to installation complexity

What's new in InstallAnywhere 2018

  • Open Source Software Detection and Risk Assessment*
    Make InstallAnywhere your first line of defense against Apache Struts 2 and other known OSS vulnerabilities. One fast, automated scan identifies OSS components in your project. Know your license obligations and make informed ship/no-ship decisions.
    *InstallAnywhere includes a free one-year subscription for FlexNet Code Aware.
  • Be Java 9 Ready 
    Easily create robust installations with advanced support for Java 9. Quickly detect and automatically run Java 9 VM on the host or create and bundle Java 9 VM packs. Be Java 9 ready and be more efficient.
  • Completely New Designer Interface 
    You said you needed a better user experience and we listened. InstallAnywhere has a fresh, modern look to give you the engaging and professional experience you’ve come to expect from a software leader.
  • Save Time on Upgrades or Modifications  
    InstallAnywhere 2018 makes it easy to update installations. Create installers that can use a combination of upgrade, maintenance, and instance management functionality. On a machine with multiple instances, choose which operation to perform for each one– upgrade existing versions or run maintenance to add/remove features.
  • And now InstallAnywhere 2018 is one single edition. That means Pro and Premium customers will gain ALL of the powerful features of Premier - Virtualization and Cloud pack including:
    • Create Docker images from any InstallAnywhere projects 
    • Build enterprise-ready and cloud-ready multi-tier virtual appliances for VMWare ESX based on your existing InstallAnywhere project 
    • Develop virtual applications directly from existing virtual machines
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