Flexera Software App Portal empowers employees with on-demand software provisioning through an enterprise app store while helping IT deliver and manage the consumerization of IT with complete visibility into their software assets.

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With App Portal, your users can request the applications they need from an easy-to-understand catalog using a Web browser. This industry-leading solution provides robust functionality that empowers users to serve themselves while still maintaining complete control of the request, approval and fulfillment process. App Portal self-service features include:

  • Consumer-oriented Shopping—Users browse a catalog that lists all the applications available to them, and they order applications by adding them to a shopping cart. Applications are organized by category to simplify navigation. The catalog includes attributes such as cost, delivery time and the approvals required, if any. During checkout, requesters can specify immediate installation of an application or schedule delivery for a later time. Users can check the status of their requests at any time.
  • Easy Navigation—Applications are organized by category to simplify navigation. Users see only a single catalog item for an application instead of having to review multiple format versions, such as MSI, App-V or mobile app, and figure out which version to request. This improves the user experience and saves time.
  • Automated Approval and Fulfillment—After checkout, App Portal initiates the fulfillment process. It routes the request to the appropriate people for approval. If approvers don't respond within a specified time period, it reminds them that they need to take action. Once all approvals are received, App Portal submits the request to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which, in turn, installs the application and verifies successful installation.
  • Flexible Request Options—You can configure App Portal to align with a variety of corporate policies related to software requests. You can set it up so that business users request applications for their own use, managers request applications for their staff members or help desk technicians request applications on behalf of employees.
  • Software Leasing—App Portal supports a software leasing model in which users request an application for a specified time period. Applications are automatically reclaimed when the lease expires
  • Integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager—App Portal leverages Configuration Manager's software deployment capability to deliver software to users. It uses Configuration Manager data to enhance software asset management. Integration with Active Directory makes additional user information available—for example, Group and Organizational Unit. App Portal uses this information to determine which applications a person is entitled to access based on the person's role within the enterprise. As a result, App Portal can tailor the app store catalog to each user, displaying only those applications that the user is authorized to access.


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