Flexera Software App Portal empowers employees with on-demand software provisioning through an enterprise app store while helping IT deliver and manage the consumerization of IT with complete visibility into their software assets.

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Compliance with licensing contract terms and optimizing the use of applications that are already in place are two important IT objectives. App Portal helps the IT staff achieve both with a broad range of features that enhance software asset management:

  • Software License Compliance—App Portal has access to detailed software asset information maintained by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), including application cost, total license count, the number of in-use licenses and software metering data that indicates how the application is being used across the enterprise. IT can leverage this information to make optimal use of the software currently in place and to purchase additional licenses when they are needed. The solution can notify staff when the supply of unused licenses for a particular application needs to be replenished.
  • License Reclamation—The software reclamation capability leverages software metering data to identify unused licenses. Administrators can then use App Portal to conduct an email campaign giving people the option of keeping an unused application or surrendering it. If they elect to surrender it, App Portal can be used to uninstall the application and return the license to the license pool.
  • Profiling of Target Computers—System Center Configuration Manager data provides App Portal with information on target computers, such as hardware and software configuration, where a computer is located and who uses it. App Portal uses this data in a variety of ways. For example, configuration information indicates whether or not a computer is capable of running a particular application. If not, the computer user would not see that application in the online app store catalog.
  • Management Reporting—Reports on software requests, approvals, installations and purchases enable managers to measure success and make sound decisions regarding software licensing and usage across the enterprise.

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