AdminStudio Application Rationalization

AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization identifies, assesses, and consolidates an enterprise desktop application portfolio to improve agility of day-to-day application service delivery and streamline platform migrations.

Today’s client computing environments are continuously changing, and the modern enterprise has accumulated more applications than the business needs — applications that must be actively maintained and supported every day. The number of applications in the typical application portfolio has increased dramatically over the years due to mergers, acquisitions and organic growth, and includes a wide range of desktop applications, editions and versions. The resulting application sprawl increases operational, infrastructure and support costs.

Application portfolio rationalization is a crucial step in the six-step Application Readiness process to identify, assess and consolidate applications. Through reducing the number of applications that IT teams must actively support, enterprises can simplify platform migrations, reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of day-to-day application service delivery. This helps to narrow the scope of IT projects, including the move to Windows 10, and streamlines ongoing desktop transformation efforts.

Continuously Gathers Windows Desktop Inventory and Transforms it into Actionable Information

  • Collects raw inventory data from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Collects users, machines and site information from Active Directory
  • Automatically standardizes the naming convention of more than 181,927 applications from over 18,333 software vendors.

Make Informed Application Rationalization Decisions

  • Informs you of newer versions of an application not yet deployed in your current environment
  • Workflows ensure rationalized applications are packaged and ready for deployment
  • Dashboard displays workflows completed for each application portfolio rationalization project

AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization is part of Flexera Software’s comprehensive Application Readiness solution that streamlines the planning, packaging and delivery of physical, virtual and mobile applications.

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