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Neutralize Incompatibilities

Rolling out new enterprise applications? Migrating to Windows 10? Application incompatibilities can give you nightmares. Fortunately, AdminStudio Application Compatibility identifies and resolves 95% of all compatibility issues before deployment or migration. And it keeps you updated on how things are going with ongoing audit reports. You’ll reduce time and lower costs. Sleep well.

Find and fix compatibility issues with AdminStudio Application Compatibility to:

  • Make life easier for users by fixing incompatibilities before you roll out applications
  • Migrate to Windows 10 with confidence by ensuring all your apps will play well together after migration
  • Quickly create a fix-list by automatically hunting down applications and installers with known compatibility issues
  • Provide overall status on errors, warnings, and other compatibility issues from multiple viewpoints for all applications
  • Take the guesswork out of tracking test and remediation progress by giving project teams visibility with audit trail reporting


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Test and Remediate Single Applications

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