Updates. Nieuwe releases. Nieuwe apps. Windows 10 migraties. Virtualizatie. Met Flexera AdminStudio maakt u korte metten met deze en deployment uitdagingen. Meer dan een packaging tool, geeft AdminStudio een compleet applicatie readiness oplossing zodat u voordat apps deployed eventuele issues voorkomt. Geen verrassingen meer.

With Flexera’s AdminStudio, you can:

  • Improve service quality and streamline service delivery
  • Decrease risk and embrace new technologies faster
  • Eliminate mobile application security and compatibility concerns
  • Reliably prepare and deploy application virtualization formats
  • Integrate seamlessly with leading software deployment systems
  • Simplify and unify application management with standardized processes
  • Boost efficiency with a central application repository
  • Identify application packaging issues in minutes instead of days

AdminStudio is available in the following editions:

For IT organizations seeking an advanced application packaging solution available to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable software deployment.

Filled with automated tools that make virtual application, compatibility testing for Windows, MAC, Android, and MSI packaging, easy, allowing administrators to prepare reliable, tested MSIs for conflict-free deployment to any Windows OS.

Provides a cost-effective way for virtual application and MSI software package creators to migrate applications to Windows Installer and gives control over MSI packaging, customization and distribution activities.


Simplifying virtualization management. Big goal, right? AdminStudio Virtualization does exactly that. It delivers a fully automated virtualization conversion process that is up to nine times faster than current tools. Converts MSIs and legacy installers leveraging virtual machines. Tests for compatibility for smooth deployment. Supports Microsoft App-V 5.X. It’s an automatic winner for you.

Application Compatibility

Find and fix compatibility issues with AdminStudio Application Compatibility.

Mobile Application Management

Mobility helps your business compete. Flexera’s Mobile Application Management helps your business win. Using the same simple process, you’ll quickly scan your mobile applications to understand app behavior and configuration and identify security risks. Generate readiness reports and app portfolio statuses. It’s like being lead mechanic on the mobility pit crew.

Mac Application Management

With Mac Application Management as part of your application readiness process, you’ll take the hassle out of configuring, testing, and preparing Mac applications for deployment. And keep Mac fans happy with applications that work the way they expect.

App Risk Module

Applications are under attack. Ninety percent of cyberattacks target their vulnerabilities. You can fend off most app attacks with preemptive actions. App Risk Module for AdminStudio keeps you aware of application vulnerabilities from packaging to deployment. So you can harden them to keep the bad guys out. Stay safe.

Taming Java

There are more than 300 versions of Java. But only one you. AdminStudio ferrets out the Java dependencies in your application portfolio. No matter how many. It helps you reduce risks and costs because you’re focusing QA efforts where they’re needed. It also reports end-of-life info for Java dependencies. Simplifying your life. That’s what we do.

Worn out from wrestling with Java variants? Put AdminStudio Java Dependencies in your corner. So you can:

  • Assess the impact of Java dependency within your application portfolio
  • Uncover older, unsupported versions of Java that put your apps at risk
  • Assess operational risk by checking application and configuration dependencies for 300+ versions of Java
  • Power the daily application readiness process for predictable application delivery

Powershell App Deployment Toolkit

Wrap it Up. Time is Money. Consistent app packaging and deployment. It’s here. PowerShell dramatically improves productivity by optimizing the consistency of branding and wrapping MSIs/EXEs. Your job of packaging and deploying applications just got easier. Faster. Better. The Flexera way.

With the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit integrated into Flexera AdminStudio, you’ll control app deployment like never before.

  • Quickly prepare applications for deployment by wrapping MSIs/EXEs in PowerShell
  • Brand your applications effortlessly with a configurable user interface
  • Virtualize PowerShell-wrapped applications, maintaining the customizations made by the PowerShell wrapper
  • Maintain consistency by including applications within the application catalog
  • Reduce user confusion caused by configuration disparity, lightening the workload on IT support

The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit was launched in August 2013 and is a joint collaboration between Seán Lillis and Dan Cunningham

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