De meest complete SDK voor imaging LEADTOOLS Versie 20 is gereleasd!leadtools box small

30 januari 2018 - Met genoegen maken we de beschikbaarheid van LEADTOOLS Versie 20 aan u bekend. LEADTOOLS is de absolute keuze voor software ontwikkelaars die hun applicatie (Windows/Linux/Mac/Web) willen voorzien van functionaliteit zoals OCR, MultiMedia, PDF, Barcode, Dicom, ICR en talloze imaging functie's waarmee LEAD al sinds 1989 de developer community mee bediend.
Belangrijkste vernieuwingen in deze release zijn de nieuwe libraries op basis van de .NET standaard zoals de .NET Framwork, .NET Core, de Visual Studio Tools voor Xamarin app models en Microsoft Azure services. Daarnaast zijn er talloze uitbreidingen en verbeteringen geimplementeerd voor LEAD's document, medical en multimedia productlijnen.

We hebben hieronder een overzicht gemaakt van de nieuwe features van LEADTOOLS V20

Document Imaging

V20 NewinDI

Recognition Engines

  • Speed and accuracy improvements to LEAD OCR Engine (formerly Advantage Engine)
  • CMC-7 MICR Font
  • Added North American Driver's License Barcode Decoder to Barcode Engine (AAMVA specification)
  • Answer Area and OMR Date fields for high-level OMR Forms Recognition

Document Viewer (HTML5/JavaScript)

  • Improved speed and accuracy for internal SVG Engine
  • Printing with DPI
  • Printing Visible Area/Screenshot

Document Formats

  • Added full support for charts and shapes to all Office formats
  • Reduced PDF output file size
  • Optimized loading speed for multi-page Word DOC/DOCX files
  • Improved matching of original document when writing text with a dark/light background
  • Added 3JS (three.js) and STL format support

New Image Processing Functions

  • Detect Document
  • Detect Business Card

Additional updates to the Document Engine

  • Redesigned the WPF ImageViewer to include multiple items, SVG rendering, and User-defined XAML Content
  • Load EMF and EMF+ files as SVG
  • Freehand Annotation Selection Tool
  • Speed improvements to Median filter
  • Speed optimizations of 30% for loading document and vector files formats

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Engine.

Medical Imaging

V20 NewinMI

Medical Web Viewer

  • WADO and DICOMWeb support
  • Template Editor enhancements to simplify copying and changing existing templates
  • Choose between new ASP.NET Web API services or existing WCF Services
  • Specify the instance to be displayed when using an External Controller
  • Added a new overlay option that covers the entire series
  • SVG waveform rendering
  • Customizable magnify glass that can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel

Hanging Protocols

  • Linked CINE
  • Enhanced loading times
  • Support for irregular layouts

Additional updates to the Medical Engine

  • Added DICOM Support for iOS/macOS
  • Enhancements to high-level C-FIND and C-GET methods
  • Modality Worklist Find enhancements
  • Patient Updater enhancements
  • DICOM Communication enhancements to enable/disable group lengths with standard data elements
  • New diagnostic tools and improved logging for DICOM Storage Server
  • Enhanced DICOM support for character sets
  • Increased speed for creating, loading, and saving DICOMDIR

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Engine.


V20 NewinRI

New Image Processing Functions

  • Wiener Filter
  • Edge Enhancement

Additional updates to the Imaging Engine

  • Background color detection in document images
  • Image Stitching and scrolling for image viewers
  • D2D Drawing surface for WPF controls
  • Mouse Wheel Zoom support for Magnifying Glass

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine.

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