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Paula Januszkiewicz is de absolute wereldwijd erkende security specialist. Ze is onze gast tijdens AppManagEvent 2017 en geeft in dezelfde week een hacking &hardening van uw Windows Infrastructuur workshop met unieke content van een top-instructeur.

De engelstalig omschrijving:

Everyone has heard about hackers. It is commonly known that their jobs differ from system administrator jobs. However, things they do in their darkened rooms are definitely interesting and worth knowing. Many of the techniques they use are very useful in everyday administration tasks. A Hackers' knowledge is considered to be valuable, both by system creators and common users. Administrators do not have to be taught how to be a hacker; it is often enough to show them one simple, but very interesting tool or technique, to change the point of view on their own IT environment.

Topics covered in this training help you to walk in hacker's shoes and evaluate your network from their point of view. Be careful – this workshop is designed for IT and Security professionals who want to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. After this workshop you will be familiar with hacker techniques, which can be useful to protect yourself against. This is a 2-day training with demos, pragmatic, reasonable and smart explanations from one of the leading global security experts: Paula Januszkiewicz.

Details van de opleiding hier

Schrijf nu in; vol=vol.

Microsoft MVP


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Pre-con AppManagEvent 2017
02 oktober 2017 8:00
AppManagEvent 2017
06 oktober 2017 8:00
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